Working on the first scene

I have the pilot scene drafted.

I have chosen the drawing style suitable for my vision.

I have drawn several pages of the scene.

The first scene will be presented at full on a crowdfunding campaign, which I am launching this October at, along the album cover art and concept design of the whole book visualizations.

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The pilot scene, drafted in April, is based on a dark aspect of the myth. According to Greek Mythology the minotaur was given a fourteen slaves, seven boys and seven girls, every several months. The youth of Athenian aristocracy was sacrificed as a tribute for king Minos of Crete for murdering his son – prince Androgeos.

Saturno devorando a su hijo Saturn Devouring His Son goya inspiration minotaur eating his slave



















It is said Minotaur eaten them, but it is not whether he did anything else to the slaves before that or not. What is more, the myth describes freeing some of the slaves after Theseus defeated him.



Imagine the situation – a strong, left alone without any sense of cultural education, wild young male having beautiful slaves already sentenced to death. Anything could happen!






The pilot scene will focus around such a moment. Minotaur picks one of the girls in the Labyrinth and just has his way with her. She will be completely dominated. The beast will take the beauty rough and passionately – a pleasurable porn art erotic story.


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