The Myths of Ancient Greece

You might not be aware, but the ancient Greek culture settled the foundations of European culture. In a period around 1500 – 200 B.C. it was the western civilization, in opposition to Persian and Egyptian ones.

The myths have been the subjects for countless art creations ever since.You might find it surprising, but my parents read me them as bed stories, when I was a kid. Some of my field of interests, made me accumulate a bit more knowledge about the ancient gods, heroes and amazing events that took part in those wonderful Greek legends and literature.

What is more, If you read the myths, they are mostly concentrating on love, rape, fight, war and most of all – a tragic consequences of human bad choices. The consequences are mostly – death or life (the latter one mostly in a form of a kid).

One of the famous bad choice consequences was the Minotaur.

minotaur sex scene with a slave girl



As you might know I love the beauty and the beast theme. I am not talking about the famous Disney cartoon, but the Topos itself. In fact I think it’s very popular fetish. From the side of the monster it means getting something or someone that seems out of our reach, like a dream, like a wonder – the beauty. Winning her heart proves that the monster is worthy, which is important because the monster lives all the life in fear as an outcast.

From the perspective of the female character the charm comes in finding the utter original and, which is not without importance – the strong man, who will protect her against all evil. What is more – winning the heart of the monster proves that she has the power to change someone’s life – even a monster’s! What a power is this! And that is the meaning she seeks.

The important thing is that both of them are seen by most only as the forms they have – she is a beauty everyone wants to have. He is a monstrous beast everyone fears. But they both long to share the secrets of their hearts, live normal life.

But of course a Greek myth is not a simple tale with a happy ending. The love of Beauty and Beast will have the moment, but is doomed from the very beginning. I will try to capture all of that but beware of porn art – it is going to be a lot of sex in that erotic story!