The first hard choice The first hard choice

The setting.

That  decision took me several days. As I am a stand alone creator – I am doing it all by myself all by myself  – the choice was not an obvious one.

Every story, every hero needs a context – the world. In this case, as it’s going to be a graphic novel, I need to draw it. To depict the world in a convincing manner, I need to know the world’s details such as architecture, costumes, environment etc.
Once could say – why not doing completely fictional world? You may not believe me, but that’s far more work before even drawing the first sketch then basing on something I already know.

Some of you know I amI am an architect and a biologist. During my studies I had to learn a lot about history of architecture. That helps a lot in the case. Still – the far more detailed knowledge is needed, as I want to build really coherent and realistic world.

What you might not know is that I am also medieval aficionado. Since 2014 I am a member of a late medieval reenactment grouplate medieval reenactment group, I am learning sword fencing and I am awaiting my armorer to finish my breastplate, because I am hope to take part in a medieval tournament next year.

my armor parts

Therefore I thought I have just two options to chose from:

  • Medieval world
  • Modern world – or at least something similar to it.

However, I have some issues with those. I don’t want to draw modern world. I will have no fun with that, at least for now.

As of the medieval setting – I find the times not suitable for a hard erotic story. It just stands in opposition to the knighthood, Christian values and the way the world worked in those times.

These conclusions left me dishearten for some time. I started to worry that I do not have enough knowledge to create the graphic novel after all. Fortunately – I have a wonderful girlfriend who helped me this time, again. She made a suggestion that I don’t need to create the opus magnumopus magnum yet and it still can be fun for me to to create and for you guys to enjoy. I decided to do several short stories and there is a world that I know almost enough to do it right away – mythological ancient Greece.

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  1. I think one visual story that would go over great is the fantasy of many men, another woman joining into sexual relations with him and his wife. The classic FFM threesome. Always been a dream of mine and my wife has green lighted the experience but we have been looking for a third For a year now… Would be great to see you draw it

  2. Like!! Thank you for publishing this awesome article.

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