The book is finally finished! Sending for test printing this week.

Hello guys!

It has finally happened! After almost two years ( now I know! 😛 ) I have finished creating the book.

I am just waiting for some materials from the printing service (papers, scripts, etc) and I am sending the files for the test printing – hopefully this week! Then, I will probably need to do some minor changes in the final file, before sending it for final printing! That i going to happen most probably until mid November, or sooner (depends on the printing queue).

It is so exciting! My first ever comic book, full of erotic art, is finally going to be in my hands! I almost can’t believe it!
It was all possible because of you! You have believed in me and supported the project so long ago! All of my supporters, who gave their names in the shipping addresses, are mentioned in the book under a “thank you” note.

BTW: send me a message if you have changed the location! Several people did, but Be sure you gave me the right address!

To show you some more let me send you some finished pages:


Aaaannd the cover (I am waiting for the script file yet so some details might change):


You can still preorder it in lowered price here. After I have it printed the special price will cease.