The style of ancient Greece

I thought about the style fitting myerotic graphic novel for quite a time before even drafting first pages. My dear father told me a cleaver idea to take inspiration from ancient greek paintings.

greek vases red figure painting technique

There are several styles of the vase art from ancient Greece pottery, developed in many centuries. Black figure and Red figure techniques have always captured my attention.

Encouraged, I drew a piece strongly inspired on some red figure vases.

erotic drawing red figure technique greek vase art

However, I found this style too distant from mine. I felt such simplification in graphics is unfitted for my hardcore erotic graphic novel. I tried to draw the first frame of the pilot scene searching for a style inspired by the Red figure paintings several times.

The third attempt, not without some doubts, made me draw some more of the story. After drawing several pages I am almost convinced I found the suitable style. A satisfying combination of my style and the ancient greek erotic art.

minotaur erotic graphic novel frame comic book

The graphic novel about minotaur will definitely be done in something very close to the example above, which is just a page from the first pilot scene, but it might differ some, depending on where the work flow will take me in the river of creation.