Minotaur – Three Sisters – comic book


Hardcore erotic comic book based on ancient Minoan myth of Minotaur – a man with a bull’s head.

Tragic, full of passion, dramatic choices and sex story involving three princesses and a beast-man called Minotaur.

104 pages. 69 pages for the story, 25 for concept art section.

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The original ancient myth tells the story about legendary King Minos of Crete and his wonderful wife – Pasiphae. The King prayed to god Poseidon, who was the protector of the Kingdom, to legitimize his reign over the island Crete. The god listened to his prayers – a marvelous white bull appears from the sea for Minos to sacrifice it. But the king tries to trick the god. He sacrifices another bull, keeping the white one for his herd.
Poseidon punishes Minos putting a spell on his beautiful wife Pasiphae. The queen fells in love with the bull. She asks her engineer – Daedalus – to build an artificial cow to mate with the bull. That’s how she gets pregnant and gives birth to a kid with a head of a bull – Minotaur.
The king puts the beast in a Labyrinth – a mysterious palace-dungeon from which no one can get out. Several years passes. Athenians, who want to avoid war with kind Minos, send him 14 young girls and boys, as a part of the peace tribute. The slaves are thrown to Minotaur to feed him.
A hero named Theseus comes to Create, hearing the horrific stories about Minotaur. He wants to earn the fame killing the Beast. Ariadna, one of three daughters of king Minos, offer help in escaping the dungeon. In return she wants Theseus to merry her. The hero agrees to the princess terms. He goes down the Labyrinth, slays Minotaur and earns his treasure and a hand of a princes Phaedra – older sister of Ariadne.

In the original myth there is also a third sister – Akkele. She is the youngest of the three princesses. There is not much know about her. Only that she exists and in the end she gets pregnant by someone. She claims it a child of Apollo or Dionysus (who became  the husband of Ariadne later on), but her father – Minos – does not believe her.. Akkalis is banished from Crete. She give birth to a kid which will become famous settler. Her character becomes the main one in my book.

The myth has some more details that I will explore and build on. Ariadne and Phaedra have younger sister – Akkalis. In Mythology she gets pregnant from either Apollo or Dionysus. She is cast out from the royal family and give birth to son as an outcast far from home. In my story she is the beauty for my beast. She is the one who fell in love with the Minotaur. The Beast loves and is loved.
Next to the main duo there are more characters – the sisters, the king and the hero. They are complicated individuals who are, as it use to be in the ancient myths, tragically involved in events surpassing them to their doom.



The story is part of three books. Two of them will be created in future. I am already working (slowly) on them. The myth is just too long to make it to one book with interesting plot and capturing characters. The story is 69 pages long, just because I like the number a lot. The book has also a concept art section – 25 pages long.

Some examples of the section art pieces:

minotaur story an erotic graphic novel
minotaur story an erotic graphic novel
minotaur story an erotic graphic novel
minotaur story an erotic graphic novel
erotic art drawings by jan kowalewicz

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