Bad Spanish Vacations part 1


Bad Spanish Vacations is a noncon erotic story published as an ebook PDF 20 pages long. It full of dominance, conflict and nasty sex.

The story started as a commissioned piece but due to client serious sickness was ceased. The script is 50 pages long with option to enhance it to around 80 pages.

What you get here is part 1, containing 20 pages fully finished – black and white inked dark erotic story.

These are concepts of the characters involved:

Example of pages:


The story is a work of fiction. i do not intend to hurt anyone. Only ink and pencils were really used during process of creation no real human nor animals were harmed 😉

LOOKING for an investor of creating the rest of the story. I need $250 per page to finish it. If you are interested in such a cooperation please send me an email: