I am working, among many things, on the erotic story of Minotaur which has been funded in December at ulule.com and you can pre-order it here. (I’st really a porn art highly NSFW!)

I have a daft of the scenario ready, so I begun the study of characters design. The one I like very much is princes Phaedra, the oldest daughter of King Minos of Crete, sister of Ariadne, Acalle and half sister of the Minotaur himself.

As you might seen, the noble women of Crete dressed rather lightly. These are some photos I have taken myself visiting Knossos and the Museum of the palace on Crete:

The daughters of the most powerful King there was at the time in whole Aegean sea had anything they wanted and could do, look and behave almost anyhow they wanted.




Phaedra is not a modest girl. She likes to be listened (oldest sister), adored and served.  She’s insolent, arrogant, bold, straight forward, laugh a lot and loud. She’s sharp, quick minded, sarcastic and always know when somebody’s lying. She is ambitious, and things she deserves the best.

Do you know that she is known for being the wife of famous hero Theseus? Have you ever heard the tragic story of their marriage? Do you know what role will Theseus play in my graphic novel?