Minotaur story is finally drawn

Hello guys!

Making long story short:

1. I have finished drawing the erotic story!!!

2. the book is not finished yet

3. I hope i will have it in my hands in November/December

4. I need to put in the text bubbles

5. the book will contain the story (69 pages) and concept art section (~25 pages)

The Book’s name is going to be “Minotaur – three sisters” and you can still pre-order it in special price 

The examples of the pages:

Longer version

  1. I have started drawing the storyboard in February 2022. It went fast – I have it drafted in less then three weeks. It was so fast because I had been designing the story for over a year, since even before the start of ulule crowdfunding campaign, which finished successfully in the end of 2020.
    Here are some examples:

    I have started drawing full page sketches at the beginning of March 2022, which also went pretty fast. I have finished that stage on the 19th of April, so after around 6 week.  It has empowered me with much enthusiasm, because I felt being finally on the way to finish the book soon. I have even said that the book will be finished in June. Here are some examples of sketched pages:

    I am guilty of terrible underestimation of how time consuming the proces of creating 68 comic pages is. I am very sorry for that. The lesson is learned. Drawing all the pages took me more then 4 months. I have just finished the last page yesterday! Here how the same pages look now:

  2. The book is drawn but it is not finished yet. Why? I need to write in all the text bubbles, which needs to take some designing too. I honestly think it will be finished in the first days of October. Then I need several days to put it all together in one layout file for the printing along the designing of the cover and some technical pages. Then I will send it for test printing. Hopefully all will be done well and will be just followed by the full edition printing.
  3. The printing takes time, especially just before Christmas. Last time I needed to wait 6 weeks for my Naughty Book vol.2. How long will that be this time? I can’t tell you for sure, but I guess 6 weeks is something we all are going to wait. That all makes me think I am not going to have the book in my hands sooner then early December. In that case you will have it just for Christmas or in some cases in the new year, depends on how long the shipping is going to take. I will send the packages as soon as I have the books in my hands and I will pay for fast shipping.
  4. What is going to be in the book except the story? For sure there will be over 20 concept arts which were drawn as studies for the story, but also some custom ordered art that is in Minotaur world. Yes! Some of my followers paid me to be drawn as the minotaur lovers so you will see those drawings in the book! It is not too late to be drawn like that! Check out the terms of a custom order and decide if you want to be depicted in my first ever published graphic story! Here are some examples of the art that’s going to be published in the book:

    That’s all for now. The end of the process is near. I will provide you one of the hottest comic books that were ever drawn.