As I get many questions about my life I decided to give you a little insight

I am a male, heterosexual. I am saying that because due to my drawings I’ve got a lot of questions about it and many propositions from both sexes.

I am Polish and I’ve spent all my life in Warsaw, but I was born in Kerala, Ottapalam in India on 2nd of February 1983.

I am engaged with a wonderful human being and a beautiful woman – Karolina. We have two wonderful daughters.

I was always interested in many things, therefore I tried almost all ways of art: I was playing violin for 13 years, solo and orchestra, I was playing part in a TV series, advertisement, I was in a gospel choir, I love dancing and I do it still. I’ve learnt how to make traditional black and white photography, how to develop films in a dark room and I was pretty into it before going on my second studies. I also tried painting and sculpture. Oil painting is something I am going to practice again in near future to create colour erotic art in large scale.

I’ve got 2 master’s degrees one in Biology (2008) and another on my actual field of work – architecture and towns planning (2015). So basically – I am an architect, you can see some of my works here.

In February 2019 I have started my own business company Jan Kowalewicz – pracownia architektury i sztuki, so you can get an invoice whenever you buy anything from me.


I draw almost all my life. My parents still have my first drawings done when I was less then 3 years old. I started drawing naked girls around the age of 9. Soon after that, probably seeing me struggling with the body proportions, my wonderful grandma Lilka bought me a Playboy magazine. So when I was around 10 I had some good references to work on. To be honest I didn’t draw better then any kid practicing that from time to time. I mostly drew dinosaurs, comic heroes and knights.

One of my first nude drawings:

It all changed in 2007, when I decided I want to become an architect.

I had to study drawing to get to architecture studies. I’ve finished a marvelous school in Domin Studio 2009 after 3 years of learning perspective drawing. I still visit the school for live model drawings on regular.
Despite the fact I was drawing all my life, I rather count 2007 as a starting year on this field as this was my first year in Domin Studio.

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I have always liked drawing human body because it fascinates me. I am creating a comic story that is for adults not only because of explicit sex scenes but also for the good, intelligent story and interesting characters. That’s why I draw a lot of sex, because there is a lot of bodies involved and I consider most of my works just as exercises, steps on the way to mastery. I am working hard creating hundreds drawing yearly.

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