Finished storyboard for the Minotaur

Shortly speaking:

  1. I have drawn all the pages of the STORYBOARD of the erotic story,
  2. I need 2 more months to finish drawing it all,
  3. The book will be published most probably in June,
  4. The Minotaur novel will consist 3 tomes total, 2nd one published firstly ( I am fan of Star Wars, that’s why ;P )

It took me far more then I expected to create the story for the book. I had to study greek mythology, to find resources to learn about Minoan culture and artifacts. Then I read and studied a lot about building the erotic story and interesting characters. I didn’t and still don’t want the book to be just dull sex scenes (of course it is porn art), but an interesting story with vivid and dramatic plot (and a lot of sex of course!). As I am a reenactor I pay attention to the historic accuracy and details such as surroundings, customs, places, architecture, costumes etc. I don’t want it to be cheap reproduction like in most pseudo historical movies.

That all took me over a year.

I know the book was promised to be ready on November 2021. I am sorry for the delay but I am now sure it will be a great comic book.

I have build whole the story. From the Poseidon’s curse to King Minos, throughout the cursed birth of minotaur,  his life to final doom – the prince of Athens, Theseus. Therefore there will be 3 books total. The one I promised you on ulule campaign during the  fall 2020 is going to be the 2nd tome. The first tome – the origins of Minotaur – will be drawn after I finish drawing and publishing the one I am currently working at. You can read some about the prequel as I wrote a post about it in September. The sequel, or the 3rd tome will be the Minotaur doom and will be focused around the Prince Theseus of Athens.

The Minotaur is going to be not the main character of the story, but the axis of it. It will all be because of him. Be ready for the classical Greek tragedy – full of people loosing to their weaknesses, old gods curses, passionate sex (porn art!) and tragedy that is unavoidable. All characters in Greek mythology are doomed, so are mine.

The plot of the 2nd tome (the Minotaur) is focused on three sisters –  Phaedra, Ariadna and Akkele, who are daughters of King Minos, ruler of Crete. The original myth of minotaur is set in Minoan culture around 1600 BC on Crete, especially connected to Knossos Palace.

Phaedra, the oldest sister is an inteligent, powerful, woman who want’s to become the queen after her father. She’s cruel, sarcastic, sadistic, but also likes to laugh a lot and loves hardcore sex especially group sex when she enjoy a lot of dick.

Ariadna is not very bright girl, shes beautiful tall, dreamy romantic but very pretentious girl who thinks everything should be given to her just because she’s a princess. She dreams of a romantic love with a hero or a prince, but her sexual appetites are mostly focused on other women.

Akkele, is the main character here. She’s the youngest sister. She is secretive, likes to explore and to risk, she is the one who finds the Minotaur and spies on him.


I have already send some of my supporters the full storyboard and I am receiving very good feedback about it. I think you will love it and it will be definitely the best thing I have created so far. So be ready for a great adventure in the ancient world of myth, powerful heroes, cruel powers, mystical beauties and filthy sex!