Finished sketching the Minotaur comic book.

Girls and boys!

I have just a moment ago finished sketching the last page of the Minotaur comic book! all 68 pages! (1 will be without any drawing – just the text so whole story has 69 ;p)

By SKETCHING i, unfortunately don’t mean DRAWING. What does it mean? Let me show you by some pages done:

So as you can see they are not finished. I hope to finish them by the end of November.

ATTENTION: the Minotaur comic book is on sale until I successfully publish the erotic story. After the moment the special price time is over so order yourself the book now! (or at least by the end of November).

If you give me your email address – by sending me an email to my address:

– I will give you the “art of Minotaur” PDF ebook for free.  The book contains over 30 art works done during the whole process of creating the book (full of porn art).