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The style of ancient Greece

graphic novel, minotaur

I thought about the style fitting myerotic graphic novel for quite a time before even drafting first pages. My dear father told me a cleaver idea to take inspiration from ancient greek paintings. There are several styles of the vase art from ancient Greece pottery, developed in many centuries. Black figure and Red figure techniques […]

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The topos.

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The Myths of Ancient Greece You might not be aware, but the ancient Greek culture settled the foundations of European culture. In a period around 1500 – 200 B.C. it was the western civilization, in opposition to Persian and Egyptian ones. The myths have been the subjects for countless art creations ever since.You might find […]

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The first hard choice

graphic novel, minotaur

The setting. That  decision took me several days. As I am a stand alone creator – I am doing it all by myself  – the choice was not an obvious one. Every story, every hero needs a context – the world. In this case, as it’s going to be a erotic graphic novel, I need […]

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