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Minotaur story is finally drawn

graphic novel, minotaur

Hello guys! Making long story short: 1. I have finished drawing the erotic story!!! 2. the book is not finished yet 3. I hope i will have it in my hands in November/December 4. I need to put in the text bubbles 5. the book will contain the story (69 pages) and concept art section […]

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Minotaur ORIGIN story storyboard

graphic novel, minotaur

Some of you may know that I have been working on several erotic graphic stories. One of them is about the mythic Minotaur. I have drafted and written the whole minotaur myth story into 7 scenes. I have made the storyboard of 3 of them. The whole story will be around 70 pages long. This […]

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Finished sketching the Spanish story


Hello Guys and Gals, I have managed to finally scan the sketches of the erotic story I drawn last week. I am starting inking hopefully today. By the end of the week it should be finished so next week I should publish all the porn art pages in a new post. If you want to […]

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Spanish custom story

custom ordered story, graphic novel

My new customer from Spain has ordered an erotic graphic story showing a brutal fantasy where a group of thugs get into a house where 3 couples of friends are spending their vacation.   If you want to talk about creating your own fantasy or a story write me an email at or write me […]

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Princess Phaedra

graphic novel, minotaur, mythology

I am working, among many things, on the erotic story of Minotaur which has been funded in December at and you can pre-order it here. (I’st really a porn art highly NSFW!) I have a daft of the scenario ready, so I begun the study of characters design. The one I like very much […]

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The pilot scene finished

graphic novel, minotaur

Most of my works are mostly hard erotic ones. My followers like them. That’s why my gift to you is the pilot scene, which is completely sex oriented porn art story. The beast, the Minotaur is having fun with an Athenian slave he was given. The full plot will however focus on tragic, romantic dark […]

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Working on the first scene


I have the pilot scene drafted. I have chosen the drawing style suitable for my vision. I have drawn several pages of the scene. The first scene will be presented at full on a crowdfunding campaign, which I am launching this October at, along the album cover art and concept design of the whole […]

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